Kate Middleton---The Dress

So let me first start out by saying that I cannot believe I woke up at 4am today! I'm most certainly NOT a morning person...but there was no way I was going to miss seeing the royal wedding live. I would have actually wrote this post sooner...but I was still in my half-zombie state for quite some time. Thank goodness my four cups of coffee are starting to kick in!

For months everyone was predicting what Kate's dress may or may not look like, as well as who the designer would be. Also in question was how her hair would be worn, and if should would wear a tiara. This morning all of our questions were finally answered.

Kate's dress was absolutely lovely. She wore a gown designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen. Word is that Kate herself had a heavy hand in designing the stunning gown. What many are comparing this dress to is the wedding dress worn by Grace Kelly. Many have been thinking she would go this route for some time now, noting that Kate's sense of style is just as ladylike and classic as the late Princess Grace's.

As you can see Kate wore her hair down. I have to admit, I was really hoping she would. I love her hair! And the fact that she typically wears it down I feel that if she wore it up she wouldn't look quite like herself.

What did you think of Kate's wedding day look??? Did you love it as much as I did? Or did you feel that she would have looked better in a different style dress? Please share your thoughts!

A quick update---
I just wanted to put a photo up of Kate's second dress that she wore for her reception. I think she looks absolutely lovely in it. If she doesn't look like a princess, I don't know who does! Which dress do you prefer??? Kate's first or second dress?


Look of the Day

vivid lips

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argh. i admit that it's a little hard to post when one is in the middle of midterm exams. i'm a little distracted.
hopefully this weekend will ease up a little in regards to the weather/workload. hoping to break out that vivid pink lippie on saturday night! how cute does Rachel Bilson look in hers, it matches her so well!

ady gaga scheibe remix

Ouça, “Scheibe” o remix que Lady Gaga fez para a marca Thierry Mugler.

Lady GaGa - Scheibe (Thierry Mugler Remix)

martes 1 de febrero de 2011. Lady Gaga - Scheibe (Extended Remix). Go Gaga.

viernes 21 de enero de 2011. Lady Gaga- ScheiBe [Remix]. Go Gaga!

Lady GaGa - The Fame

Lady gaga poster on stardesign; Length: 04:32; Views: 423. My Lady Gaga Poster;
Length: 00:22; Views: 299

Lady Gaga's new song coming on her upcoming album, Born This way, this is just a remix made especially for a fashion show. It is practically all in german,

Lady GaGa - ScheiBe is an exclusive remix of a track from her anticipated

Lady Gaga - Scheibe. Written by ' ϟ Erick 웃 Misael ♪ .ıllı.Lady Gaga – Scheibe (Remix)

Lady Gaga | Scheibe Lady Gaga's Remix of Scheibe, which will be on Born This

Lady Gaga – Scheibe (Born This Way Remix)

Lady Gaga - Scheibe

Lady Gaga - Scheibe. Written by ' ϟ Erick 웃 Misael ♪ .ıllı.

Sunday Dreaming

These magical 'Lady Grey' images shot by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia will transport you to the dreamy world of Wonderland. Enjoy x

What To Wear If You're Curvy

 Almost always at the top of the best dressed is Kim Kardashian, who now gives advice on how to dress if you have curves. She talks about the five essential things that every girl with curves should know if she wants to look perfect. Read and remember!

1. Find a great tailor - "Everything you put on should be in proportion to your body, a good tailor will make sure that everything fits perfectly. Before I wear something, tailor and my stylist adjust this to my line, if something needs to be narrowed. Shortening hem on a dress can make a big difference." This is good advice for all women, not just those with curves.

2. Emphasize your waist - "Show your slim waist. If you add a belt to your wardrobe, your look will look much better. I have great belts from Phillip Lim and Alaja." Belt is great for your look and can be in the spotlight. Find a belt that fits your figure and wear it with style.

3. Avoid over-sized tops and dresses - Kim said: "I know they are very comfortable and they look great on Nicole Richie, but baggy dresses and tops are not exactly appropriate for the rounded figure. You look like you are pregnant and even messy in the photos. Instead, wear a maxi dress." Too big clothes has never looked good on someone. If you have curves pay attention to the clothes you choose, they should be neither too broad nor too narrow.

4. Hug your corset - "Every woman should have a corset. I like to wear them because that way my line looks slimmer and narrower, and I can wear tight dresses without having to see any lines." Corset creates an ideal look of your lines. Bulges will disappear and you'll feel safer.

5. Love your curves - "Be sure and confident to have such a body, because it is very sexy. I like to show my curves and designers like Altuzarra, Antonio Berardi, Thatcher made incredible dresses that match perfectly to my body." Love yourself and your body first and foremost. If you don't feel good in your curves everyone will notice that. People perceive you in a way how you behave. So, do everything to show how much you love your body.

2011 Spring Summer Fashion Week

Day-2 for New York Fashion Week and I do not know about you, but I really feel about all frenziness the coming month. New York became the last weekend a hive of activity with designers, stylists, models and PR are everywhere to bring their show ready and looking for luxury. As the tension continues to rise until the first collections open and reveal new designs and trends from the Spring & Summer 2011 season, I could not wait, but to play Madame Soleil (a famous French psychic). Okay, I can not have her super powers to the new collections to guess, but all I can say from the Resort 2011 collections is that nostalgia never looked so good. The sixties were a clear trend with a healthy dose of femininity and elegance.

Shopping Roundup

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Delightful Di-Di from Snapshot Fashion on Etsy!

Well, my Etsy shop is finally up and running! My shop called Delightful Di-Di from Snapshot Fashion is a full of handmade hair accessories. Be sure to check it out! It is full of floral tulle hair accessories...some small, some large, all fabulous! No matter if you are looking for a cute hair accessory to wear with a pair of jeans, or a quirky piece to pair with more formal attire...there is something for everyone. Custom orders are available as well (for briadal parties, bachelorette parties, proms...you name it!).

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edible selby series

Source: theSelby

I'm literally kicking myself for not visiting Tartine Bakery the last time I was in San Francisco a couple of months ago. Due to an hectic schedule I had to pass it up even though I had it circled on my city map in red and mentally chartered a bus route there and everything. Next time I'm most definitely going! I was so happy to see that The Selby had gone behind the kitchen to take some images of Chad Robertson and Elizabeth Prueitt's bakery. Beautiful images! There is nothing more comforting than a piece of freshly-baked, crusty bread for sure!

Billie Piper as Rose Marion Tyler in Doctor Who

Billie Piper as Rose Marion Tyler in Doctor Who

Rose Marion Tyler is a fictional character portrayed by Billie Piper in the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who.

Doctor Who Rose Tyler and K-9 Action Figure Set

This Doctor Who action figure set contains a poseable Rose Tyler figure and a pull back and go K9 motion figure with removable access panel.

just so cosy

Source: Wildfox

I've already posted about Kimberley of Wildfox Couture's lovely collages here but I thought I should post some more images that I have saved on my desktop. They're just too good not to share. I hope you had a lovely, warm Monday today!