really into red lately

Source: Marie Claire magazine, September 2010 via tFS
Check out those red Givenchy's on MK. Seriously killlllllller.

My Style

I know, I's been a while since there was a My Style post. Basically I just haven't had the time. As you can see by the background in the pictures below, I really did a MUCH nicer apartment. I'm currently working from home (was so luck I was able to keep my NYC job)...and even though I could wear pajamas all day long and nobody would know (except my husband and dog) I would never do that.

It's insanely hot here in PA today. They were saying it was going to reach 96 this afternoon. Yuck! Want to know something crazy? I don't think I own any shorts, besides gym shorts that is. That's alright though. I would much rather wear a dress or skirt on hot days like this anyway.

I kept my outfit rather casual by wearing some flip flops with it. It's just TOO HOT to be uncomfortable today.

tank: American Eagle Outfitters
skirt: H&M
flip flops: Havaianas
necklace: Simply Vera, Kohl's

Lastly, here is a close up of my necklace...

K-Dash to Launch

The Kardashian sisters are at it again. They are about to debut their clothing line, K-Dash, which is made especially for girls with curves. K-Dash is going to be sold exclusively through QVC. The line will debut live on QVC’s pop-up shop in Rockefeller Center on September 10th at 9pm EST and a runway show will follow the next day. This line will have three distinct styles: Kim (trendy), Kourtney (vintage), and Khloe (classic) there is going to be something for everyone. And the great news is that the line is rather affordable with prices starting at $20!

Here Kim and Kourtney are modeling some items from their collection (and can I say, I LOVE IT!).


What do you think of this collection? Which style would you be most interested in checking out: Kim, Kourtney, or Khloe???


i'm still here

I would give you the sorry excuse of not being able to blog because I still don't have a computer and school keeping me busy... but in the end it's all a bad excuse. Just a quickie post to let you know that I'm still here! Distracting you with images of Emily Blunt in jaw-dropping gowns by Dior and Givenchy.
Source: Photos by Michael Roberts, Vanity Fair May 2009

Fashionable Friends

Take a moment to check out some of my favorite fashion posts from this past week---

*Cupcakes and Cashmere shows us the right way to apply winged eyeliner.

*Lar from Asian Cajuns looks radiant in red.

*Check out some amazing scarves that Couture Carrie has come across.

*The girls at Cubicle Chic are inspired by Katharine Hepburn.


Vote For Style

I love it when celebrities keep their look fresh and new. I think one celebrity that is a pro at this is Katy Perry. She is always so very creative and fun with her outfits and make-up and her hair is always different (and perfect!). Looking over the last few years of her hairstyles I was surprised with just how many looks she had.

Today I have been so into hair. This morning I went and got a much needed cut. Just a trim off the bottoms and decided to switch it up and get some bangs. was okay. The girl I went to made my bangs a bit too I had to fix them when I got home. But if I learned anything from Katy's ever changing style, it is that hair grows back and a change here and there is always a good thing.

topped with flowers
short & straight
Old Hollywood
long & full of waves

Which one of Katy's hairstyles is your favorite? Vote below.


Send In Your Photos---Snapshots From Readers

In the past readers from all over the world have sent in their photos to Snapshot Fashion of themselves in their most stylish outfits in hopes to be featured on our Snapshots From Readers post. It has actually been quite some time since we've received photos like we just want to remind everyone that we are still accepting fashion photos.

Do you have a great look that you want to share with us? Send your pictures to us:

Please make sure to include your name, city/state (or country if you are from outside of the U.S.), and the stores where you got your terrific look.
*We cannot promise that all photos sent in will be featured on Snapshot Fashion.

Paula Kawanishi

Source: tFS
Half Japanese/Brazilian model. What a creature?!! YOWZER!

Shopping Roundup

~Banana Republic is having an online exclusive event. Take 25% off of $100 through tomorrow when you use the promo code BRSAVE25 at checkout.

~Booties are now 20-60% off at Bluefly.

~Right now the entire store is on sale at Arden B. Buy one, get one half off of everything.


just too cute

I'm currently sitting in front of a library computer at my school trying to print-out multiple PDF files for different lectures while getting extremely distracted doing other stuff, i.e, blog surfing like a crazed and internet-starved person which is funny because I'm actually pretty stuffed due to all that dak-galbi (bbq chicken) that I scarfed down for lunch.
Source: Vivi magazine April 2009 via tFS
I thought I'd post some of these images of Nicole Richie which I'm assuming were taken post-Harlow due to all the jewellery she's promoting. She looks so cute here.

Model Monday

In today's Moday Monday we are focusing on another model that is rather new in the industry: Addison Gill. Addison is truely beautiful and like a chameleon in her pictures. One way you always know it is her is by her amazing eyes. Let's learn a little more about her---

Born on: December 7, 1992 in Toronto, Canada
Jobs: Addison has appeared in Teen Vogue, V magazine, and Italian Vogue.
Runway: She has been making a name for herself on the runway, walking for Jason Wu, House of Holland, Nanette Lepore, and Jill Stuart to name a few.

Blue Jeans

I totally love a crisp white shirt paired with denim. Minus the ciggy of course.
It was the last day of summer holidays yesterday and I can't believe I'm back at school already.
I have a gazillion textbooks to buy and at the top of my list is a new computer, darn it//
Source: Paris Vogue, December 2004 via tFS

bohemian surfer

I know it's a totally strange pairing of words but that's the vibe I'm getting when I see these pictures. I mean how else are you going to understand maxi dresses and neoprene in the same editorial.
Source: L'Officiel Magazine, Feb 2008, Photos by Dan Martensen
I'm feeling really cut off from the world without television and the internet. Is it technological withdrawal, you say? Though I have replaced the two with books and drinking (never at the same time,lol). Though I should probably scratch the former out of my diet. All that tequila is sooooooo not helping my liver.

Back To Pennsylvania

So it is official. I have left New York City...and moved back to my homestate of Pennsylvania. I know some of you are probably thinking, WHY WOULD YOU EVER LEAVE NYC!?!?!?!?! I could really tell you all the reasons...but trust me that would make this a very long post. Basically my husband and I just grew out of the city lifestyle, wanted to be closer to some family and friends, and needed more space.

One thing I will miss about NYC will have to be the shopping, the great fashion bloggers I have met along the way, and all the opportunities for Snapshot Fashion. So many people have been asking me if I will be keeping the blog up and running now that I moved. The answer is...OF COURSE I WILL! I'll always be interested in shopping and fashion. I love shopping so much, I actually just moved across the street from an outlet (seriously)! Hahaha! My physical location won't make any difference on my blog.

I have been spending the last few days unpacking and getting settled in to our new place (I still have so much to unpack...ugh!). I'd say that regular Snapshot Fashion posts will be getting back to normal in the very near future. Stick around...I have some great things in store for readers!


kick some sand baby

Source: Vogue Paris April 2006, Photos by Mikael Jansson
I'm back. I'm currently writing this post at an internet cafe because the new place I've moved into doesn't have any connection. Over the past two days I've unpacked all my stuff and still managed to squeeze in some shopping. A jersey maxi dress, a couple of tee-shirts, white capris (sooooo into capris at the moment!) and the most comfortable wedges in existence that make me 8cm taller and still leave me smiling at the end of the day.
Can a girl ask for anything more? ;)
The maxi was a little bit of an impulse buy (look a few posts down at MK) and I'm still wondering whether or not I can pull it off. Way to go me for buying it in such a conspicuous colour- coral red.

Karmen Pedaru

bed hair. fedora. fresh face.
check, check, check.
Source: Madewell via tFS

Moving out tomorrow so I'm squeezing in a quick post before I log off and pack the computer. Have an awesome Friday night guys. I'll be spending mine within huge boxes.

Pushforward- Style Feature

It's been a little while since I talked about Snapshot Fashion's app. As I'm sure most of you remember, Snapshot Fashion has linked up with “Pushforward” publishing app for the iPhone and soon for Android. This app is filled with film, poetry, art, design, music, and fashion (which is where SF comes in!). 
Snapshot Fashion has a photo album of style on the Pushforward community iPhone app for creative professionals and artists.

Pushforward is now available on if you havent downloaded the app yet, do so today!!!

Wish List- Fall

I think the slightly cooler temps today (if you want to call the upper 70s cool) have me thinking about fall weather. Fall is by far my favorite season...and one of the reasons is because I just love dressing for the weather. Layering and wearing jackets...I feel like you can be so creative with your wardrobe during that time of year.

What season is your favorite for fashion???

I compiled a wish list of my most desired pieces for the season. Some are extremely out of my budget...but that is why it is called a wish list, right?

What items are making it on your wish list this year???